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Top 5 Smart Energy Solution Companies in UK – 2021

Today, it is imperative for the energy sector to invest in emerging technologies like AI, IoT, automation, data analytics, among others, to streamline and optimize processes. In the same vein, the IoT for energy or the Internet of Energy (IoE) is gaining traction in the energy industry. Like IoT, IoE facilitates more significant levels of transparency while enhancing the overall efficiency of energy production. Additionally, IoE can implement a distributed control through energy transactions between energy producers and users. Considering all such technological trends entering the sector, organizations in the energy generation sector will have to equip themselves with the latest energy tech solutions to meet the evolving requirements and environmental needs.

Keeping the need for sustainable energy and the recent transformations in mind, there is no doubt that the energy industry is on the fast track of evolution. Standing at the cusp of advanced technologies, a wide range of providers offer the latest energy tech solutions best suited for the next generation of renewable and conventional energy generation needs. To help our readers better understand the smart energy arena, our editors submersed themselves in the energy sector to discover the best technology solution providers that can assist companies and city administration with minimal time and maximum expertise. The magazine comprises of those companies that are at the forefront of the smart energy tech space in guiding companies through every step of the way in developing and installing smart solutions with high standards.

We are happy to present our “Top 5 Smart Energy Solution Providers in UK – 2021.”

    Top Smart Energy Solution Providers in UK

  • SysMech is a provider of robust software solutions enabling organisations to successfully optimise their green energy networks, among other applications. The company is providing high-tech industries across the globe with the necessary tools they need to identify actionable insights from their data sources and achieve unparalleled cost savings, process optimisation, customer retention, and sustainability in their smart energy investments. Today, leveraging its big data and reporting expertise, SysMech is serving the energy and smart home markets and helping them pave the path for a sustainable future

  • Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions

    Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions

    With over 70 years combined industry experience, Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions has gained vital expertise and experience in a number of Renewable Technologies. Envirolec is the name behind some of the countries most exciting mechanical and electrical systems. Its solutions are designed to harness and unify natural resources, companies, their people, partners and staff, no matter where they are. Envirolec integrate turnkey solutions, designs, and control systems to create seamless management solutions that capture and convey your energy saving goals

  • geo


    geo is on a mission to make home energy tech that’s easy to use and understand, reduces energy costs, increases comfort and looks great

  • Limejump


    Limejump, UK’s award winning energy-tech platform, provides renewable generators, peaking assets and battery storage devices a route to grid balancing and power trading markets that were once dominated by large generators. Through sophisticated and transparent Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) products and an agile 24/7 trading team, Limejump maximises customers revenue whilst also supporting the grid with much needed flexibility. Its platform analyses millions of data points in real time to intelligently dispatch renewable generators, peaking assets and battery storage devices into the right ancillary or wholesale markets, at the right time. Limejump, part of the Shell Group, is on a mission to deliver 100% renewable energy, accelerating the UK’s transition to net zero by harnessing big data and renewable technology

  • Opus Energy

    Opus Energy

    Opus Energy is a leading independent supplier of gas and electricity to businesses all across the UK. Currently, Opus provides energy to over 310,000 businesses, including small and medium sized enterprises, large corporations and institutions. Its clientèle includes big names such as: Virgin Media, Halfords, LEON and White Stuff. As one of the leading independent energy suppliers in the UK, they are committed to providing a competitive source of energy, combined with accurate billing, and efficient customer service. Between 2014 and 2016, 93% of the energy supplied to its customers came from cleaner, low-carbon sources

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