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Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Companies - 2020

Energy management is becoming increasingly important. Energy costs have become a primary factor in domestic budgeting today, wherefore home power usage monitoring is essential to most modern households. Many businesses face various challenges in their day-to-day energy consumption monitoring due to their massive scale and diverse infrastructure, low degree of flexibility, and a general lack of readings or actionable insights concerning their energy consumption.

However, smart energy systems are an ideal option for companies looking to optimize their energy usage to minimize operational costs, without compromising their eco-sustainability goals. Integrating an energy management system can also help companies achieve emission targets and tackle rising energy prices.

Smart energy solutions empower power generation, transmission, and distribution processes. The advent of IoT technology in the energy sector has enabled the development of more efficient and reliable systems that reduce losses in the energy flow from power plants to end consumers. This allows utilities to increase their electricity network’s reach more remote areas, and to prepare them to meet the needs of the continually rising global population.

In this special issue of Energy CIO Insights, we have listed the leading organizations in the industry that are providing eminent smart energy solutions to the clients along with their unique services. We hope this edition of Energy CIO Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a healthier future.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Smart Energy Solution Companies

  • Green energy, technology and sustainability marketplace for SME’s offering owners technology to extract value from their energy, make optimal renewables investments, and build a sustainable business

  • Centurean provides state of the art solutions to companies in the energy and utilities industry

  • Doosan GridTech provides solutions and services pertaining to software, system integrations, and the complete delivery of grid-integrated ESS. Doosan GridTech offers a software platform that contains DG-IC™ (Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller) and DG-DERO® (Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer). The company provides a range of services for the design and deployment of ESS and microgrids and management of distributed energy resources (DER). DG-IC™ provides various operation modes that address problems related to the integration of renewable energy sources with the electrical grid. These operational capabilities allow clients to minimize fluctuations and disruptions from renewable sources

  • Itron Grid Connectivity is a system that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to detect inaccurate connections in the distribution grid. Using machine learning models that analyze advanced meter voltage data, the system predicts the new connections and powers a cloud-based solution that updates the utility’s connectivity map. With this system, companies can detect fraud and provide secure line-to-line connectivity for accurate billing information. It also provides constant vigilance over the grid network, allowing utilities to detect tampered and replaced meters

  • The company has developed the world’s first self-installable home battery system powerful enough to cover the needs of a simple medical device all the way up to complete needs of a home, including large-scale appliances like refrigerators. The energy storage solution meets the needs of the consumers by deploying a grid-scale solution that offers users control over their power supply and ensures peace of mind. What’s more, Orison’s cloud-based energy storage units provide the utility space a necessary facelift. These energy storage solutions can use data, like utility rates, peak demand charges, weather reports, blackout alerts, and usage profiles, to determine the optimal operating schedule for the device and make the grid more efficient

  • 12 Points Technologies

    12 Points Technologies

    12 Points Technologies is an Enterprise IT Solutions Provider. They help their clients to design and build Network and Security strategies to defend against the increasing global threat landscape facing organizations today. They offer customized managed service solutions include Virtualization, Networking, Security and Compliance, Security Incidence, and Event Monitoring (SIEM), Disaster Recovery, Capacity Planning, and Incident Response Planning. Their Enterprise Architecture services represent the core of the Managed IT solutions. They mainly focus on strategic solutions that align with the business objectives. Their customized solutions are designed to deliver secure, resilient, and scalable networks

  • Anord Mardix

    Anord Mardix

    They have operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific and bring engineering excellence to every customer challenge. The company produces the most comprehensive product range in the market, including industry-leading HV & LV switchgear, custom-built modular solutions, flexible data hall distribution, and our technically superior busbar and busway range. Their 9 world-class manufacturing facilities comprise over 450,000sq/ft of production space with rapid expansion options and total quality control throughout. Moreover, every product is integrated with Anord Mardix's power management systems, offering a unique service capability

  • Evolution Energy Partners

    Evolution Energy Partners

    Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) is full-service energy management, engineering, and consulting firm offering best in class sustainability, energy efficiency, procurement, and analytical solutions. They offer advice, design, procure, and build solutions that provide measured value to the client’s sustainable footprint. The company does this by applying effective energy management and increased efficiency while maximizing savings to the organization. EEP’s customers benefit from a positive impact on the bottom line by leveraging a comprehensive suite of services that mitigate risk, enhance stakeholder/asset value, and provide a foundation to increase corporate citizenship and sustainable practices

  • Fluentgrid


    Fluentgrid is the leading provider of smart energy and smart city technology solutions as a turnkey system integrator. Fluentgrid has a proven portfolio of COTS products addressing the commercial, operational, analytical, and administrative needs of energy and water utilities and cities and communities. Some of these products, like CIS and MDMS, are featured consistently in analyst reports such as Gartner Magic Quadrant for Utilities CIS and MDMS systems. They organize their CSV activities through charitable trust Ananda Cityzen Trust (ACT) to foster people-centric smart city movement for sustainable and resilient communities involving citizens and citizen groups along with optimal use of technology to realize the smart city vision with happier people

  • NEXTracker


    NEXTracker, a Flex company, advances the power plant of the future with smart solar trackers, energy storage systems, and TrueCapture. The company also has advanced control software that yields additional energy, optimizes performance, and reduces costs for project and plant owners. As the number-one tracker supplier worldwide with 22 GW delivered and under fulfillment, NEXTracker is even globally prominent for offering smart and connected energy systems for hundreds of projects across five continents. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company has offices in Europe, Australia, India, and Latin America

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