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Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Companies - 2018


Energy is the driver of the current day economy and modern society incorporating individuals' lives like never before previously. Today, it is difficult to meet the expanding claims coming its way. Making the whole cycle of manufacturing, circulation, and utilization of energy smart, is the path forward to meet these requests. Availability of dependable, high-quality energy is the key fuel for any nation's economy. However, population growth and expanding global economy, with thrust on development activities, are leading to increased growth in global energy consumption.

The electric utility industry is recognizing the predicament of the existing systems. Steering in a new epoch of managing energy demand and growth, the industry is renovating its electric infrastructure to boost efficiency and reliability by leveraging modern technology. This technological trend is best described as an energy-internet-of-things environment and is being driven by a rapid convergence and digitization of operational technology and information technology. This can be seen in the modernization of infrastructures, from power grids to smart cities, which increasingly weave together networked sensors and cyber and physical systems that enable big data to be collected, aggregated, exchanged, stored and monetized in new ways.

Nations across the world are conceding that 21st-century economies can't be run on 20th-century grids. And as developing countries continue along their path of aggressive economic growth, they need modern, intelligent grids. Rising demand, obsolete infrastructure, keeping costs under control, and exhausting energy sources are causing companies to relook at their processes. These companies are fast realizing that the processes need to be more "intelligent" and "smart" and are engaging in the same by leveraging appropriate technologies.

To assist CIOs to apt solution provider, Energy CIO Insights brings a special edition on Smart Energy. Our distinguished selection panel comprising of CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and our magazines editorial board has narrowed the choice to a few trailblazing providers.

We present to you Energy Tech Reviews’ “Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Providers - 2018”.

    Top Smart Energy Solution Companies

  • Cyber Switching develops power management and monitoring innovations that help customers dramatically reduce electrical energy costs

  • Cloud software company that helps utilities transform their customer experience and operations

  • Iteros provides reliable and flexible energy management software for both utilities and customer-side assets and helps in integrating and controlling energy assets in a power ecosystem

  • Provides high-efficiency motors with a patented, smart switched reluctance motor system (SSRM)

  • Offers a compelling solution set for distributed energy resource optimization

  • EnerNex


    Provides state-of-the-art grid modernization solutions along with research, engineering, and consulting services for the electric power utilities sector

  • GridMarket


    A project facilitation firm that provides simple, effective, and cost-efficient solutions for deployment of distributed energy assets

  • Peak Power

    Peak Power

    Energy storage services provider focused on delivering intelligent software and project solutions to offset the most expensive hours of electricity demand

  • SkyElectric


    Offers intelligent solar, grid and storage solutions

  • SUBNET Solutions Inc.

    SUBNET Solutions Inc.

    Delivers a holistic approach to real-time integration of intelligent utility systems

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