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Top 10 Smart Energy Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Consulting service providers are pushing the envelope in empowering organizations belonging to the energy supply industry in the transition from traditional system workflows to digital frameworks. It is imperative that these modern technology powered software programs be integrated and implemented across all facilities of the power distribution realm to gain better control over operations, and enhance the capabilities of organizations.

The wide adoption of solutions that utilize AI and machine learning across the energy trade industry has helped many organizations overcome several traditional hurdles, and most importantly, make optimal decisions. With a multitude of challenges to scale, most power supply companies are beginning to seek the assistance of consultancy services providers to identify ideal methods that could be adopted to make their operations systems far more efficient. The proactive nature of the leaders has prompted even the smaller and midsized firms in the energy trade and risk management arena to embrace new business structures and strategies. This shift enables the companies to rise above enterprise hazards, and strive ahead into the future.

To assist management make the quick decisions that encourage business growth, Energy Tech Review brings a special edition on Smart Energy. Our distinguished selection panel comprising of CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, industry analysts, and our magazine’s editorial board has narrowed the choice to a few promising service providers. Their relentless efforts have paved the way for this edition of the Energy Tech Review magazine comprising of the “Top 10 Smart Energy Consulting/Services Companies - 2019”

    Top Smart Energy Consulting/Services Companies

  • Provides solutions and services that provide automatic management and optimization of distributed energy resources

  • Provides utility bill auditing, budgeting, benchmarking, utility tariff analysis, and risk management, EEP assists companies to identify, develop, and finance projects including energy efficiency improvements, Combined Heat & Power, and lighting upgrades to reduce energy consumption

  • Itron provides smart grid solutions and products to mitigate longstanding issues in the utilities such as lowered asset lifecycles, fraud, and communication hindrances



    Provides an ECM suite that enables organizations to capture, manage, store, and securely access any information from any device

  • ExxonMobil


    ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest integrated refiners, marketers of petroleum products and chemical manufacturers that uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs

  • IBM


    Provides industry-leading solutions for energy and utilities organization and help them harness their data to increase efficiency and reduce expenditures



    IPsoft automates business processes that serve employees, customers and citizens, resulting in rapid resolutions, satisfied users and substantial organizational savings



    Leverages deep domain expertise to help companies in the energy sector to reap the benefits of today’s process automation technologies

  • Paragon Energy Software

    Paragon Energy Software

    Provides in-depth credit and trading/risk management expertise in delivering high value solutions and expert services to the energy markets

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric

    Provides best-in-class energy management expertise and solar power conversion technology in powering photovoltaic systems all over the globe

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